For an avid film lover, it’s always important that new content is watched consistently. If you live a life where you barely get time to stay back home, it might be challenging to keep up with your hobby. If you travel a lot, you might desire to watch content on your Android device itself. For a scintillating viewing experience, you should go for FilmPlus.

Features Of FilmPlus 

This application boasts several amazing features. We will discuss these features in detail here below: 

Huge Library

The best part about using a platform like FilmPlus is that it has got a huge library of content to provide to its users. This library keeps updating from time to time. Therefore, there will be no point where you will get bored of using this platform. It will only get better and better with each viewing experience. Whenever you get your free time, you can switch to this application and go through its huge library of content. We are sure that you will have the time of your life while using this platform. 

Stream Quality 

Do you love to watch movies and TV shows in high definition? You will always have that opportunity on FilmPlus. There can also be times when you don’t want to watch content in high quality. It can be due to issues with your internet connection. No matter what you desire to do, you can adjust the stream quality as per your needs. All the shows and movies available here come in 1080p,720p, as well as  360p. You can choose one of the qualities based on your desires. 

Easy To Download 

You don’t have to jailbreak or root your device to download this application. The download and installation process is going to write itself. As long as you’re having a healthy internet connection, things are going to work fine. The download and installation process will be completed within a couple of minutes. We will discuss it further when we tell you the download and installation steps. 


Another good aspect about using FilmPlus is that you get subtitles here, that too in different languages. This increases the scope of the content that you can watch. If there are no subtitles on a platform, you’re restricted to watching content in the languages that you know already. Things take a 360-degree turn when you go for subtitles instead. You can watch all kinds of content coming from different languages. You will have a world of content to explore, making content viewing a more interesting process. 

Ad-Free & Uninterrupted Content 

When you’re watching a show or a film, you want to make sure that the content viewing is uninterrupted. This is because you may lose your focus and excitement if advertisements are coming your way every other minute. When you go for FilmPlus, things are going to be drastically different. The platform provides ad-free & uninterrupted content. So once you start watching a show or a movie, the viewing experience will be interrupted only at your own will. 

Advanced Filtering 

You also get advanced filtering while using FilmPlus. This makes it easier to choose an option of your desires. The advanced filtering options include filtering by Language, Quality, Release Year, etc. If you want to look for a particular kind of content, these advanced filtering options are going to make things easy for you. All you need to do is do a bit of research work before desiring what you want to watch. Then you can search for the content based on advanced filtering. 

There are many more features of using the platform. You just need to update this application from time to time to get all its amazing features!